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We are not problems to be solved
We are not something broken to be fixed
We are beings becoming aware of our true nature

Our conventional approach to healing involves describing symptoms to qualified practitioners who access the problem (diagnosis), give an educated opinion (prognosis) and offer a treatment plan. In the chiropractic world this generally involves examining the spine and posture, making assessments about the structure of the body, correcting imbalances and offering therapies to help the patient reduce or eliminate symptoms - often neck pain, back pain or headaches.

While this approach is valid and often effective, my approach to working with you is decidedly different. While I do take a case history, our work together is based almost entirely on what is revealed to both of us in your experience at the time we meet. This is done by focusing awareness in the body center (sensations, perceptions), the heart center (feelings, longings) and the mind center (insights, associations, curiosity). This is done with the help of a particular kind of Meditation and Inquiry. The direction of our work together will come from you, guided by your innate intelligence and true nature, guided by the very body, heart and mind that is both the source of discomfort and the source of healing.

Using the approaches of Meditation and Inquiry and also subtle perceptions revealed in the use of Cranio-Sacral therapy, we tap into the wellsprings of inner wisdom, intuition and sensation which serve as reliable navigation systems in the re-discovery of health.

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