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How does Dr. Schneider integrate Chiropractic care and Cranio-Sacral therapy?

Cranio-Sacral therapy and Chiropractic care promote the optimal flow of innate intelligence. Introducing specific chiropractic adjustments in concert with the gentle contacts of Cranio-Sacral work allows me to encourage healing and reintegration structurally as well as energetically. Neuro-Emotional technique helps locate and release patterns of unresolved stress in the body, introducing another element to our comprehensive approach to health. (Click on the Neuro-Emotional Technique tab to the left for more information).

How long does this process take?

It is different in every case but generally people begin to feel improvement after the first visit. My sessions are an hour long. Providing sufficient time to address your health concerns without distraction brings great benefit, the results are generally longer lasting and fewer visits are required.

Are my services covered by insurance?

I do not participate with insurance plans but would be glad to furnish a receipt.

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