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My Fee Schedule

Initial Visit: $120

Subsequent Visits

One hour: $ 95
Half hour: $50

Sliding Fee Offering for the Community Chiropactic Care and Cranio-Sacral Clinic in Chichester (available on Thursdays only)

One hour: $ 60 to 85
Half hour: $ 30 to 50

Many clients tell me that the combination of Cranio-Sacral therapy and the Chiropractic adjustment gives them deep and long lasting healing.

This way of practicing requires far fewer visits than some other approaches to care and there are longer periods of well being between visits.

Sometimes health issues that had become chronic are completely resolved by working in this way.

Health insurance plans limit payments to brief visits that do not support this level of care. For this reason I do not participate in insurance plans.

Payments by cash, check and credit cards are accepted..  I will be glad to furnish you with a detailed receipt.

Discounts are given for frequent visits.

Things to consider before arriving for treatment

  • Make sure to eat something light an hour or two before arriving
  • Try to avoid the intake of caffeine or pain medications
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Bring a list of medications you are taking

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