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What is Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence looks after the body
Night and day, as long as the bond of
union - the soul - continues to exist. Also
known as nature, intuition, instinct,
spirit and the subconscious mindů
Innate is fully capable of running all the
Functions which constitute life."

- D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic -

An airport would be rendered useless without an air traffic control system. Similarly, for life to exist there must be a way to coordinate the multitude of functions that occur in us every second of our lives. I recognize that there is a vital force, called innate intelligence, which when directed without obstruction, serves as our great organizer. Innate serves as a bridge between our external and internal environments as well as being a mediator in the vast interconnectedness of our thoughts, feelings and the functions of the physical body. Innate intelligence is our essential nature, the breath of life.

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