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The Chiropractic Adjustment


The body functions best when its structure is strong, balanced and mobile. Like tuning a fine instrument, the chiropractic adjustment insures that the tissues of your body are neither too tense nor too slack, bringing your structure into perfect balance. Chiropractic care administered by skilled hands ("chiro-practic" means "practice by hand") creates the best conditions for the unobstructed flow of your Innate Intelligence, which is the foundation of health and vitality.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy


All living, healthy tissues "breathe" with movement that is intrinsic to  life. Using gentle contacts, Cranio-Sacral Therapy helps encourage the return of this  "breath" to the fascial network of the body. It restores us to our natural fluid nature.  Areas of physical and emotional tension in the body are revealed, released and reintegrated. Energy  becomes available to you. The physiological functioning of all tissues in the body improves, breathing with the motion of life. 

Meditation and Inquiry


Your true nature serves as the most  reliable guide in health and healing. Directing awareness to the body, heart and mind gives direction to our work. While I do take a case history, we also tap into your inner wisdom and  intuition as tools for navigating the return to health and essential presence. Through meditation and Inquiry we will contact sensations, perceptions, feelings, insights and longings that will be doorways to your inner freedom and well-being.

We are not problems to be solved

We are not something broken to be fixed

We are beings becoming aware of our true nature

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